Bar H Ranch

Address: ONTARIO, CA 91761

Kat Swigart

My underlying philosophy of training is that all horses should be pleasure horses. Not the Pleasure Horse necessary for winning show classes of that name, but rather horses that are pleasure to own and use in whatever way is enjoyable for both horse and owner. These things vary from horse to horse and from owner to owner. Finding what makes both horse and rider happy is essential.This can be achieved by applying the principles of classical horsemanship of obedience to light aids, engagement of the hindquarters, and self-carriage to whatever discipline that suits both horse and owner. Using these principles while cross training in multiple disciplines to fully develop a horse’s athletic potential.My specialty is turning horses that people cannot ride into horses that people can ride and introducing both horse and rider to new experiences.

Expertise includes:

Starting young horses (from as early as birth)· Gentling wild/unhandled horses· Starting horses(including off the track Thoroughbreds) in new disciplines and environments especially trail, but also jumping, dressage, gymkhana, parade riding, horse shows, cows, and driving· Solving common problems such as bucking, rearing, biting, spooking, bolting…·Conditioning horses for the efforts asked of them· Schooling horses to be responsive to the directions for what is asked of them· And since little is accomplished if the horse will only do it for me…training owners how to do these things with their horses as well.

Training facilities on the property include:
  • 60’ round pen· 72’ x 150’ riding arena
  • 48’ x 120’ jump chute which can be used for both free jumping a horse or for controlled exercise under saddle
  • Jump course with both stadium and cross country fences as well as trail obstacles
  • Varied terrain including ditches and slopes· Acres of open flat areas
  • Longhorn Cattle
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    Phone: 714.529.3765